Promoting Sustainability

Promote Sustainability -5 Tips For Reducing Packaging Waste

Sustainable packaging is a top priority of businesses these days due to its enormous benefits. People are preferring environmentally friendly materials which remain beneficial even after their use. The trend of achieving a sustainable environment has been hovering over the last few years and it’s unstoppable now. 

One way of attaining this goal is reducing packaging waste which has its benefits. Minimised cost with a clean environment comes first in the benefits list. Others include more space in the warehouses, low shipping costs, and many more. 

So, let’s get into learning five ways to reduce packaging waste for a healthy business and environmental growth:

1. Choose Minimal Packaging

Encouraging minimal packaging is the best way to minimise packaging waste. It means that the size of the packaging bag must be according to the size of the product. For this, a business needs to measure the products precisely and accurately so that the packaging supplier can design accordingly. For different sized products in a single package, varied sized packaging is the option. 

The lamination bags designed by Polybol come in various styles and contain great resistance and sealing/re-sealing capabilities. Using minimal packaging will not only contribute to a sustainable environment but will also lower the entire cost of the material, production, and shipment for the business.

2. Use Recyclable Material

When a packaging design requires less material, it means that it will also add less to the waste. The recyclable plastic packaging of Polybol is lighter in weight in comparison to other packaging. It is created with a focus on the strength-to-weight ratio which results in the creation of the most economical packaging material. The cardboard boxes and other paper packaging leftovers can be used to store office equipment which will help in avoiding unnecessary purchases and expenses.

With this, a business can keep reusing them so that they don’t serve in landfills just after first use. The R-valve bags by Polybol are not only budget-friendly but 100% recyclable. 

3. Opt Stretch Wrapping

Stretch wrapping can also help a lot in reducing packaging waste for a business. It eliminates the need of using paper or other packaging material depending upon the size of the products. Using stretch film can save energy and packaging costs while transporting products within or outside the distribution centres. They are recyclable and fit easily in containers and bins. 

For long-distance shipment, stretch wrappers are the most suitable choice because they keep the items safe and secure from weather conditions and lower the chances of damage.

4. Educate The Staff

Training the staff about reducing waste packaging is another great step towards a sustainable environment. Polybol has designed various products with various packaging benefits; the plastic FFS films are specially created with excellent seal strength and filling speed by using the form, fill, and seal technology. With multiple dust-free valve types, Polybol’s plastic valve bags are another suitable option to pack the products safely. 

In most cases, the staff isn’t educated enough about the packaging options, waste reduction, or disposal procedures of the organisation.It is the primary reason that keeps a business unsuccessful in minimising packaging wastage. For this, organising proper training sessions for the staff is the only solution. It will help them in packing the products properly with minimum waste and encourage them to think of ways to reduce packaging waste.

5. Buy An Industrial Shredder

Investing in an industrial shredder is another amazing way to reduce packaging waste as it can shred anything in seconds. It provides shredded material which is an environment friendly option to use in packaging. A business can get tons of shredded material by shredding all the unused and leftover cardboard and paper pieces. This material serves as a paper cushion and can be used to fill the corners of packaging boxes for protection purposes.

Eliminating packaging waste from our lives is a tough task but all of us can always start small. It will help everyone in every aspect of life. Businesses can do wonders by including these five ways to reduce packaging waste and contribute to a green planet.

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