Plastic FFS Films And Their Rising Demand In The Packaging Industry

What is Plastic FFS Film? 

Plastic FFS Films have been proven to be a viable alternative to converted sack packaging. It is a modern alternative to prefabricated plastic bags. Form, filled, and the sealed film is ideal for packing granules, powder, flour, fertilizer, wood products, and other products in a single, simple step.  

Plastic FFS films are a heavy-duty, coextruded packaging solution that provides outstanding seal strength and filling speed thanks to Form, Fill & Seal technology. Dry solids and raw materials are the best candidates for packing. 

Plastic FFS Films of Polybol: 

Polybol’s FFS film surpasses the highest standards, ensuring complete protection against dust, moisture, and other hazardous goods. FFS film bags are simple to fill, and they also meet a wide range of needs – all thanks to the numerous options available, such as perforation or ventilation to allow moisture or air to escape the bag or a higher coefficient of friction (COF) to improve the load’s stability during transport.

When designing FFS films at Polybol, we focus on quality and utility. We understand how critical it is that the form fill seal film protects your product(s) and functions according to your specifications. 

We constantly try to provide high-quality films at the lowest possible cost per unit. Polyol is a close partner who assures you obtain a personalized film in terms of strength, size, friction, and print when you choose Polybol as your provider. 

Important Characteristics and Features of FFS Films: 

FFS film is used to make medium to heavy-duty bags. It also enables for more efficient — and thus cheaper – filling. They can be manufactured, filled, and sealed vertically or horizontally in one simple procedure. 

They have multiple advantages which make them stand out in the packaging industry. And because of the versatility and heavy demand in the market, the production and consumption of plastic FFS Films have increased exponentially. Following are some of the main characteristics of the FFS Films: 

  1. Plastic FFS Films are easy to fill and require High-Speed Filling. 
  2. They make heavy-duty films to store different goods and products. Because it has exceptional seal strength along with unique features that makes it highly resistant to wear and tear.
  3. Plastic FFS Films are Temperature and Weather Proof. Its Weather-resistant design and quality protect the products from extreme temperatures, water, and moisture.
  4. Polyol offers eight colors of versatile Graphic Printing. 
  5. Provide your products with easy palletizing and prolonged shelf life. 
  6. Plastic FFS Films are 100% recyclable. 


Considering the characteristics of FFS Films and the increasing demand for sustainable packaging from different industries across the globe, the production and consumption of the Plastic FFS Film market is anticipated to expand at a steady rate. 

The growing demand is also because these FFS Films are applicable and in high use in different industries like Agricultural, Construction, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, and Food industries. By offering strong heat seal strength on packaging machines, these films prolong the shelf life of products. 

FFS Films And PolyBol: 

Polybol manufactures the highest quality Plastic FFS Films for its customers. These films are adaptable to a variety of packaging lines, and they are made with the most advanced technology to customize your packaging design. 

We take precise width, length, and height measurements to ensure that the packaging has a predetermined geometry. Being a heavy-duty, co-extruded packaging solution, these Films provide outstanding seal strength and filling speed thanks to Form, Fill & Seal technology. 

If you are looking for high-quality and heavy-duty FFS Films which are temperature and weather proof, and are 100% recyclable, then Polybol is your only option to the world of best sustainable packaging solution.


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