How To CHoose The Right Polybag

How To Choose The Right Polybag For Your Product?

The trend of packaging, worldwide over the years, especially since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Business’s gravitate to packaging that can be stored once the product is packaged. Keep that product safe from outside environments such as water and transit. Both of which Plastics offer a solution towards.

Choosing the suitable packaging for your products is one of the main checkboxes a business needs to tick to ensure products are protected. This task becomes more apparent if you know what to consider while choosing a bag for your product.

Here, we will go over five things you need to look for to select the best packaging option for your business.

Design and Quality

The quality of your packaging is your first impression on the recipient of your product. Suppose they see the product wrapped in a flimsy bag. It will instantly put them off since it can portray negligence on behalf of the business towards the delivery of the product. It also puts the order at risk of getting damaged.

If the packaging has an outstanding design, it will add to the customer’s interest in the business. They will be more likely to shop more products from that company in the future. Polybol perfectly caters to these requirements and offers a wide range of accommodations for styles and quality packaging solutions in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your business.

Strength and Size

The durability of the packaging is one of the main concerns of most successful businesses. The plastic bags used to deliver a package should be tough and not be prone to tearing or breaking. They should withstand any potential weather challenges or mishandling during delivery.

Similarly, the size and shape of the product matter a lot when choosing a bag for it. The packaging must fit the customer’s needs, i.e., easy to carry around, and reliable for containing the product for longer durations.

Customized and Representative

One of the most intelligent uses of product packaging is to market your brand through it. With the help of Polybol’s professional design team, you can create attractive plastic bags for your product that convey the message of your business and become a source of representation for the brand.

The color of the polybag should be in coordination with the brand’s logo. This lies under effective marketing and expands the brand’s customer base by bringing it recognition. Our Plastic Valve Bags are specially designed with advanced printing capabilities and pigmented (colored) films to create and enhance your brand recognition.

Structure and Performance

When choosing a polybag for your product, you must keep in mind the environment the packaging would be in to select its structure. For example, suppose the product is meant to be stored in a refrigerator. In that case, the polybag should withstand that temperature and provide the necessary support to the product.

If the delivery process is prone to bumpy rides, the polybag should be rigid and flexible to avoid damage. The expected duration of packaging also plays a role as it helps decide what type of polybag would perform the best under time constraint conditions.

Sustainability and Conservation

Most of the plastic packaging available, irrespective of its quality and durability, poses a burden on the environment. Brands consciously choose packaging that eliminates this concern, as it is unsustainable in the long run and may drive off customers.

The best part about using Polybol for your packaging needs is that it is 100% recyclable. We ensure sustainability and prioritize the environment and community wellbeing. We offer an all-inclusive approach to your packaging needs.


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