Sustainable & Flexible Packaging

Sustainable & Flexible Packaging

Flexible & Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging offers protected and durable storage and shipment of your products. Flexible packaging can be molded into required and desired shapes for different purposes. At Polybol, we offer sustainable & flexible packaging solutions and plastic bags, such as valve bags, pouches, liners, shrink films, tubes, sleeves, and carded packaging, etc.

With the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic, flexible packaging trends have considerably evolved because of the increasing demand for processed food, beverages, and chemical materials. Technological innovation with the capacity for environmental sustainability are a requirement of the modern age. There is an increasing demand for biodegradable materials in flexible packaging to avoid environmental hazards. This demand is expected to increase in the future.

Role of Polybol in Flexible Packaging Industry

Since 1994, Polybol has left no stone unturned to maintain the safe and secure standards in its manufacturing processes. Our packaging promises quality and provides important features, including but not limited to, barrier protection, endurance, and printability.

We are the pioneers of go-to packaging solutions – from minerals, fertilizers and the chemical industry to construction material, personal care, food ingredients, and confectionery. Your products’ integrity is completely secured in our packages. Polybol offers a wide range of heavy-duty packaging options for a variety of applications and industries. Our products include Valve Bags, Plastic Valve Bags, Plastic Open Mouth Bags, FFS film, R-Valve Bags, Batch Inclusion Bags, Vented Bags, Vented FFS films, Lateral Valve Bags, Tubular Film, BSOM, Patch Bottom Bags.

Reliable storage of different materials – like plastic resins, fertilizers, chemical products, stuccos, carbon, pigments, additives, silica, mortars, ceramic cement, proteins, and pet food powder nutrients – is made possible and convenient by our packaging solutions.

Keeping in view the changing customer preferences and environmental concerns, Polybol is committed to contribute sustainable packaging solutions to the society. We use advanced technological processes to produce durable and recyclable plastic bags, while substantially eliminating the threat of the environment. Trust Polybol for all your packaging needs, and for consumer-oriented solutions!


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