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Large, open-mouth bags/pouches for chemicals, aggregates, and for critical food components are rapidly being replaced by alternatives such as self-closing valve bags. To meet this increasing market demand, Polybol has acquired the very best human skills and the most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment to combine with their 28 years of valve bag manufacturing experience.

Polybol manufactures plastic valve bags that:

  1. Are used to hold materials weighing from 10kg to 40kg, depending on bulk density and volume.
  2. Greatly reduce storage space – 1 multiwall paper valve bag equals the space required for 3 plastic valve bags.
  3. Have much better protection from inclement weather when compared to commonly used paper valve bags.
  4. Can be constructed from low melt polymer resins that melt away at temperatures ≤100°
  5. Feature tuck-in extended sleeves, hermetically sealed extended sleeves, and self-closing valves.
  6. Have double-layer construction with perforated inner walls for fast-fill speeds because the inner wall quickly exhausts air.
  7. Feature a flat-bottom and flat-top design. This makes it easy to have high-quality graphics (up to 8 colors) printed on all six sides of the bag.
  8. Can be constructed from a foil laminate and a 1-way degassing valve to provide the ultimate protection against oxygen, sunlight, and moisture.
  9. Offer a self-closing lateral valve design (R-Valve) to withstand rugged applications.


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